Debate Over Supreme Court Vacancy Is Not About Who Obama Nominates

Following an editorial authored by President Obama at, in which he described what he is looking for in a potential Supreme Court nominee, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“Senate Republicans should not be fooled by President Obama’s overtures. At the end of the day, this debate is all about the process, not who he decides to nominate to the Supreme Court.”

“With that said, it’s laughable that President Obama says he will nominate someone who will respect the limitations on the judiciary, not make law from the bench, and approach their duties with ‘commitment to impartial justice.’ His record tells a very different story. The two liberal justices he was able to get confirmed are the antithesis of these newfound criteria. They’ve been a consistent vote for ObamaCare and his radical regulatory agenda. They’ve hardly been impartial, as they’ve shown they’re willing to rewrite laws at times to accommodate him rather than objectively interpret the Constitution.”

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