Despite Partial Shutdown, Jobless Numbers Fall and Growth of Regulatory State Declines

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the reports this morning that the number of people seeking jobless benefits fell to the lowest level since 1969 and that additions to the Federal Register declined dramatically compared to recent years, Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

“Contrary to what you’re hearing from talking heads and Democratic politicians, the U.S. economy is forging ahead just like it was before the partial shutdown. The number of people seeking jobless benefits continues to fall and the Federal Register has grown by an almost insignificant amount.”

“Doesn’t this tell us that maybe less government is better? More Americans are employed than almost ever before and the size of the regulatory state has nearly ground to a halt. During the previous administration, the Federal Register, a proxy for regulatory growth, increased each week by an average of 1,658 pages. Compare this to the Trump Administration’s 65, along with the unparalleled economic growth and the impact speaks for itself.”

“These indicators should remind elected officials in Washington why we need a serious conversation about shrinking the size of government. The American people are seeing the positive impacts, but the D.C. establishment is stuck harping about how their sacred cow is shut down.”