Don’t Revive the Cronyist Ex-Im Bank!

Following news that House Republicans would force a vote on renewing the Export-Import Bank after McCarthy dropped out of the Speaker’s race, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented

"The Export-Import bank provides hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate welfare to big businesses like Boeing, Catepillar, and GE. Why should taxpayers be funding these corporations? Forcing the bill to a floor vote through procedural trickery is not the way Congress should work. It’s the sign of desperation from Washington cronies that see their power waning in light of Boehner’s resignation and McCarthy failing to gain support."

"This is why our members don’t trust Washington. Do our representatives in Congress not realize what happened yesterday? The House Freedom Caucus represented the concerns of Americans eager for change. They didn’t want Boehner 2.0, causing McCarthy to give up his Speaker ambitions. Now we have the chance for real, principled leadership. But instead of listening to their base, Members of the House are scrambling for another Boehner-lite to run the caucus."