Five Steps to Taking Back Control Over Our Retirement

1. Guarantee current retirees that they will continue to receive every dollar of Social Security benefits that they’ve been promised.

2. Allow working Americans to divert a portion of the 12.4 percent payroll taxes they now pay into the Social Security system into Personal Retirement Accounts that they – not politicians – control.

3. Allow working Americans to invest their Personal Retirement Accounts with a broad range of government-approved and government regulated investment companies, including stock brokerage firms, banks, and insurance companies. A portion of their payroll taxes would be sent to the investment company of their choice rather than to Washington. And there is always the option to stay in the Social Security system.

4. Guarantee Americans that they would receive at least as much in benefits with their Personal Retirement Accounts as they are now promised by Social Security. If their accounts fall short, the government would make up the difference.

5. Grant every American full control of their retirement nest egg and the right to pass on any unused funds to their family or favorite charity.