Florida CSE Foundation Hosts Antitrust Panel at High-Technology Conference

Jacksonville, Florida – As the leading organization in the state dedicated to educating grassroots activists, media and policy makers on important public policy issues, Florida Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation (CSEF) hosted a competition and antitrust panel at the Draughon Technology Conference in Jacksonville, Florida. Among the important topics discussed at the conference such as Internet taxes, privacy, the digital divide, and the broadband debate, CSEF’s panel delved into the U.S. Department of Justice’s enforcement of antitrust policy, using the Microsoft antitrust case as the focal point of discussion.

The CSE Foundation Antitrust panel.

Center for Consumer Choice Director Erick Gustafson, moderated the expert panel, which included John Berthoud, President of the National Taxpayers Union, Drew Clark, senior writer at National Journal’s Technology Daily, and Jennifer O’Neill of the Florida Times Union. Panelists discussed how the antitrust case harms consumers and competition in the high-technology market. Gustafson stated in his remarks that the ultimate beneficiaries of the protracted lawsuit are not consumers, but Microsoft’s competitors who have used the U.S. Justice Department as a vehicle to level the software market to the detriment of consumers and innovation. Also, Scott Draughon, Steve Forbes and Orson Swindle were given copies of “Trial and Error: U.S. v. Microsoft,” CSE Foundation’s new book on the Microsoft antitrust case authored and edited by Gustafson and CSEF president, Paul Beckner.

Prior to the panel discussion, keynote speaker and presidential candidate Steve Forbes praised CSE’s efforts at educating the public on public policy issues. He encouraged the group of over 350 executives to get involved with the organization.