Florida FreedomWorks Meets with Congressman Jim Davis

Florida FreedomWorks State Director John Hallman received this report from FreedomWorks Tampa Volunteer Chapter Leader Tom Gaitens. Tom visited Representative Jim Davis from Tampa. (photo at bottom) Nice work Tom!

“I explained to the Congressman that FreedomWorks will be hitting the ground hard to help get this initiative through Congress and it would be better politically if some moderate Democrats were part of the solution.

Additionally, I laid out the vital need to address this issue now and not allow it to track into the future. Social Security reform will never be as cheap or less expensive as it is today, delaying reform will only cost all Americans and bring us closer to the brink. Jim held the early position that he did not see the dire need, nor supported the PRA rationale.

I used many of the MEMO’s from our FreedomWorks Press Releases along with our research at FreedomWorks. I was able to get Jim to see the fallacy in the transition cost debate thanks to the Dr. Lawrence Hunter piece. I was armed and ready for much of what the Congressman had to say and I felt we are well served with the facts.

Jim offered to read and review anything I send his way, he does feel strongly in his middle of the road reputation. He would, he claims, like to do more bi-partisan work, to which I replied that Social Security reform needs to be and that he should jump aboard. He asked if I would send as much as I could to help bring him along the process.

Thanks to the great information FreedomWorks.org has on the site, it was easy to build the case for reform and defend it with strong details and gave me a large stack of material to knock down any and all arguments the Congressman had, and he said he needs more information on this issue. He agreed to read whatever I send and get back to me with any questions he has. Thanks to Congressman Davis for giving me the the time and for listening to the powerful case for personal accounts.”