FreedomWorks Activists Celebrate the House CR: “Your move, Harry Reid”

Washington, DC- After thousands of phone calls from grassroots activists nationwide, House Republicans passed a continuing resolution that funds all functions of the government without funding the President’s broken health care law until December 15.

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe commented, “The American people are finally being heard in Washington, and their message is clear: ObamaCare is not ready for full implementation, and we can’t afford it. Today’s vote is proof that the House Republicans are fully committed to funding the government. All eyes are on Harry Reid to see if he will hold the government hostage to preserve the President’s legacy.”

“The fight isn’t over yet- it’s not enough to pass this CR out of the House and say ‘we tried.’ Republicans in the Senate must unite to defeat any attempts by Majority Leader Harry Reid strip the defunding language from the bill, and those in the House need to stay strong and keep their promise to the American people, fold their arms and tell the Senate ‘We did our jobs. Now do yours. No continuing resolution that funds ObamaCare.’”

A recent FreedomWorks national poll found that an overwhelming 82 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents favor a continuing resolution that “does not include funding for Obamacare.” Only 17 percent of all voters believe ObamaCare will have positive personal impact, a new low point since the law was passed in March 2010. Sixty-two percent of all voters prefer a “patient-centered” health care system that allows for competition and choice.

FreedomWorks has already issued a Key Vote “NO” against any Continuing Resolution that contains further funding for ObamaCare.

Kibbe added, “We will consider scoring any votes in either chamber of Congress involving the Continuing Resolution as key votes on our online Congressional scorecard – in favor if the bill continues in its present form, but against any modifications that allow further funding for the Washington health care takeover.”

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