FreedomWorks for America Congratulates Barry Loudermilk on GA-11 Primary Win

Washington, DC- FreedomWorks for America congratulates Barry Loudermilk and the grassroots activists across Georgia’s eleventh congressional district that pushed his campaign onward to compete in the GOP runoff on July 22.

“This win would not have been possible without the hard work of grassroots activists in Georgia’s eleventh district,” commented FreedomWorks for America president Matt Kibbe. “Georgians recognized early that Barry Loudermilk was the most conservative candidate in this primary, with the strongest commitment to repealing ObamaCare and rejecting the Common Core education takeover.”

“This is a huge win for liberty-minded voters in Georgia who want to rein in a government gone wild. We plan to continue empowering grassroots activists on the ground working to send Barry Loudermilk all the way to Washington.”

FreedomWorks for America launched an aggressive online campaign reaching hundreds of thousands of likely conservative voters on the internet using search, display, video, and social advertising.

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