FreedomWorks Applauds Trump Administration Regulatory Relief for Telehealth and Coronavirus Testing

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the Trump Administration’s announcements of CMS loosening regulations for telehealth in Medicare and FDA empowering states on testing in efforts to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks’ President, commented:

“These actions embody the exact approach our government should be taking to address COVID-19 across the board. Regulations severely hamper the ability of public and private entities alike to respond to this pandemic.

“In a time where people — especially the elderly — are encouraged to stay home, telehealth is one of the smartest ways to deliver care. Further, releasing states from the typical federal stranglehold in order to develop and administer their own tests is a brilliant way to showcase what good federalism can do. Government simply needs to get out of the way of innovation every step of the way.

“Such responses should not be limited to the duration of the COVID-19 emergency nor just to certain programs, but instead should be maximized, opening up access to the highest quality of care for all Americans. We will be stronger as a country to make these policies both expansive and permanent.”

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