FreedomWorks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Sentencing Memo

FreedomWorks director of public policy and legislative affairs, Jason Pye, released this statement following Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ sentencing memorandum:

"Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ memo is concerning. Being tough on non-violent crime by handing out years and years of taxpayer-funded jail time is at the very least overkill and counterproductive.

"Today’s federal prison population remains over 200,000, costing taxpayers millions. We have seen conservative states like Georgia and Texas make strides in making smart reforms to their justice systems. By reducing prison sentencing for nonviolent offenders, these states have seen higher public safety and lower recidivism, and it is saving taxpayer dollars. Incarceration rates and crime rates have decreased.

"Our current system is broken; it is not productive to lock up non-violent criminals next to violent criminals. It is crucial that we find a solution, and naturally restructuring this system aligns with conservative values."