FreedomWorks BEST Announces Two New Parent Leaders

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks’ Building Education for Students Together (BEST) is proud to announce the addition of two inspiring parent leaders to the premier grassroots organization dedicated to mobilizing and training concerned parents. 

Tamra Farah joins BEST after a long career working with school board candidates, policy oriented, and pro-parents groups. Farah will take on the role of Senior Advisor of BEST Strategic Partnerships, assisting BEST with building and maintaining relationships with partner organizations and coalitions at the national and state level. 

Quisha King joins the team with a passion for educational freedom and parental rights. The founder of the Mass Exodus movement, which seeks to provide resources for parents looking to get their children out of the public school system, Quisha will serve as the Deputy Director of BEST Legislative Affairs. Quisha will be instrumental in organizing the grassroots to support BEST’s legislative goals in key states across the nation.

Laura Zorc, Director of Education Reform at Freedomworks, commented: “The BEST team is growing, and we are working to uphold our commitment to parents and the nation to restore education and expand education freedom. Quisha King and Tamra Farah are an extension of our goal to mobilize a coalition of parents and leaders from across the country in this effort. With their leadership, BEST is one step closer to reclaiming parental rights in education, the expansion of education freedom, and the removal of divisive and anti-American curricula from classrooms across the country.”


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