FreedomWorks’ BEST Applauds Passage of Academic Transparency Bill out of Arizona House Appropriations Committee

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA — In response to SB 1211 passing out of the House Appropriations Committee this week, Amy Carney, BEST Deputy Director, commented:

"No parent or community member should have to wonder what is being taught in their local schools. Academic transparency bill SB 1211 is needed because it is a current struggle to know and access what is actually being taught in classrooms. Posting online the current curricula used in schools is a positive way for administrators and educators to build trust with their communities. Nothing being done in our classrooms should be done in darkness."

“We’re grateful to the members of the AZ Senate and the House Appropriations Committee for supporting this bill and urge all members of the House to do the same. Common sense transparency will make parental involvement in their child’s education easier and build trust in our education system.