FreedomWorks BEST Empowers Parents with School Board Training for Elections and Beyond

Washington D.C. – FreedomWorks Building Education for Students Together (BEST) is proud to announce its ongoing commitment to empower parents with the necessary skills and knowledge to run for school board positions. Following the success of the School Board Candidates Academy launched in March 2021, the organization has trained thousands of parents on how to run effective campaigns for school board, resulting in remarkable successes during the 2022 elections. Laura Zorc, Executive Director of BEST, commented:

“FreedomWorks BEST is expanding its training to offer 12 sessions on what to expect once elected — covering topics from budgetary considerations to parliamentary procedures. BEST academies offer  comprehensive training programs that provide parents and concerned citizens with a wealth of resources. These resources include, among other things, in-depth toolkits, video recordings, and live sessions, all designed to support and guide individuals in making a tangible difference in their communities.

“The tailored training sessions address the specific challenges and responsibilities faced by new school board members. By equipping participants with the knowledge and skills required for effective governance, BEST ensures that parents have a strong voice in shaping their children’s educational experiences. Some key components of the training program are understanding budgetary processes, navigating parliamentary procedures, and communicating with constituents.

“The success of BEST’s training programs is evident in the impressive outcomes achieved during the 2022 congressional elections. Parents who have completed the academy’s training emerged as strong candidates, gaining the trust and support of their communities. Armed with newfound knowledge and skills, these individuals are well-prepared to champion educational freedom and to make a positive impact on their local school boards.

“BEST remains dedicated to empowering parents and concerned citizens with the resources they need to enact meaningful change in their school systems. The organization aims to create a network of informed and engaged individuals who can advocate for educational freedom at the grassroots level. We are welcoming newly elected members to join us on November 14th for the start of their foundational training.”

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