FreedomWorks’ Building Education for Students Together Announces National Dads and Dudes Coalition

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks’ Building Education for Students Together (BEST) is proud to announce the launch of our Dads and Dudes (DADs) Coalition. The goal of this national coalition is to give a voice to dads, grandfathers, and men young and old, and empower them to take charge and more fully participate in the education reform movement. The campaign roll-out will be accompanied by a series of in-person trainings in key states this Fall, as well as a steady stream of written and video testimonials from male activists about their role in the movement and their hopes for the future of it. 

Adam Rizzieri, BEST Dad Leadership Development Advisor, commented: 

“Dads play a critical role not only in raising their children, but in educating them, too. This is a timeless truth. But for too long, moms and dads alike have been lied to by the Left and told that they should have no role or say in their children’s education. BEST’s Dads and Dudes (DADs) Coalition is our attempt to push back against this lie, and give dads and dudes at any experience or knowledge level the tools they need to best support this generation of students and the next one to come.”

“With so many gains in just a short period of time, there’s no better time than now to encourage dads, grandfathers, and men to join the ranks of the education freedom movement. I am thrilled to be a part of this new coalition and hope that it will galvanize men across the country to embrace their traditional role as protectors and advocates.”

Laura Zorc, FreedomWorks’ Director of Education Reform, commented: 

“Since joining BEST, I’ve had the privilege of seeing our national coalition grow from the ground up at an incredibly rapid pace. I’ve trained thousands of potential and announced school board candidates across the country, and could not be more proud of the progress that parents have made in the fight for our children and our schools.”

“But even still, for the parental rights movement to truly live up to its name, we need to recruit more fathers and men who are passionate about making education about kids again instead of harmful political ideologies. By building this network of empowered men, and providing them with the tools needed to advocate for their kids and improve our nation’s education system, our grassroots movement will continue to flourish. I couldn’t be more excited about getting the DADs Coalition off the ground, and look forward to getting on the road to train our newest recruits.”  

More information on the DADs Coalition can be found here. 


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