FreedomWorks Celebrates a Small Victory for the First Amendment in California

Following the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals injunction against California Attorney General Kamala Harris in her chilling effort to obtain the donor lists of conservative organizations, which would have undercut their right to free speech, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“At a time when some states are considering legislation or constitutional amendments designed to chill the First Amendment rights of nonprofit organizations working to keep people informed about what’s going on in their legislatures, this injunction is welcome news. Conservatives know all too well what happens when governments obtain information about people working for or donating to the organizations they believe in. The IRS asked for conservative groups’ donor lists, interrogated them on their activities, and tried to intimidate their activists simply because they sought to engage their communities on important policy issues. It’s not at all a stretch to think that the same thing would happen in California.”

“In order for our republic to flourish, we need an educated and informed populous. What Attorney General Harris is attempting to do is something that everyone, regardless of their political party or ideology, should oppose. We hope the Ninth Circuit does the right thing when it issues a final judgment.”

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