FreedomWorks Commends House Judiciary Committee’s Action on Justice Reform

Following the House Judiciary Committee’s markup and approval of the Sentencing Reform Act and the Criminal Code Improvement Act, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“The House Judiciary Committee’s positive actions to reform federal sentencing policies and combat over-criminalization show the support for justice reform in the House of Representatives is real, and it transcends traditional ideological boundaries. These bills are necessary steps to improve the criminal justice system. Coupled with a smarter approach to corrections and reentry policies that will reduce the risk of offenders going back into the system, these reforms will promote public safety and save taxpayers money as we’ve seen in conservative states.”

“We applaud the members of the committee for working together to address these issues and look forward to seeing these bills, as well as others, brought to the floor for votes.”

FreedomWorks released letters of support for the Sentencing Reform Act and the Criminal Code Improvement Act ahead of Wednesday’s markup.

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