FreedomWorks Denounces Antitrust Case Against Apple

Washington, D.C. – On the heels of the Department of Justice and more than a dozen states filing an antitrust lawsuit against Apple, Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks president, commented:

“If you are a successful American company, the Department of Justice is coming after you. That’s the message the Biden administration is sending to industry leaders. Especially watch out if you’re in America’s top growth industry, technology. Not just Apple but Meta, Google, and Amazon have been demonized and sued for being too big and too powerful. This isn’t the America I know. We don’t punish success.”

“Even worse, our most successful companies, like Apple, are saddled with these lawsuits while our country careens towards a financial crisis. We can’t afford to stifle our best innovators and wealth creators. We quite literally can’t afford it. Read the room! Now is not the time to shakedown America’s growth engines. But rather, it’s more important than ever to create an environment that unleashes the ingenuity and productivity of the American people.”


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