FreedomWorks Foundation Announces Full Support of Finalized FCC Restoring Internet Freedom Rule

Ahead of today’s speech by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai, FreedomWorks Foundation is pleased to announce our support of the final proposed Restoring Internet Freedom Order—ending public utility regulation of Internet service providers under Title II of the Communications Act and repealing expansive and vague standards of practice that have crippled broadband investment.

FreedomWorks Foundation drove nearly 30,000 activist comments in support of the Restoring Internet Freedom Order and submitted formal, expert comments as well.

FreedomWorks Foundation’s President and policy experts offered the following comments.

Adam Brandon, President: “I am pleased that Chairman Pai and his Republican colleagues at the FCC have stood firm in the face of not only rampant misinformation on the issue of ‘net neutrality’ but also against horrific and racist personal attacks that have infected this debate. The Restoring Internet Freedom Order corrects an egregious mistake made by the FCC under Democratic leadership. Regulating the Internet like a public utility not only violates a bipartisan agreement by Congress, it further destroys the incentive for ISPs to invest in broadband infrastructure by seizing their property rights and transferring them to the government. We’re delighted Chairman Pai and his colleagues are committed to reigning in the overreach of their predecessors and doing what’s right regardless of the difficulty.”

Ken Cuccinelli, Director of the Regulatory Action Center: "Chairman Pai has taken a tremendous step to advance freedom and opportunity by reducing the government’s role in our lives and our economy. In this case, Chairman Pai is protecting the Internet from government interference. The specter of the federal government picking winners and losers on the Internet will be cleared away with the finalization of the Restoring Internet Freedom Order and on behalf of the millions of ordinary Americans that are FreedomWorks Foundation members, we are excited to see freedom expanding again!"

Dr. Wayne Brough, Chief Economist: “The Restoring Internet Freedom Order will ensure that the Internet remains a dynamic and creative force. The order returns to the framework established at the dawn of the internet by a Democratic president and Republican Congress, which fostered unprecedented growth that gave us a host of new technologies improving our daily lives. From online shopping to streaming videos to new social networks that connect us all, the Internet has been a great benefit. Chairman Pai’s order guarantees that this open and competitive framework will continue enhancing the welfare of all consumers.”

Patrick Hedger, Director of Policy: “Even a brief examination of the facts and economics of this issue demonstrate how ridiculous the hysteria surrounding the Restoring Internet Freedom Order has become. In fact, the regulatory framework this order repeals has historically led—in sectors such as the railroads, telephones, electricity, and airlines—to the hypothetical nightmare scenarios ‘neutrality’ advocates fear: decreased competition, higher prices, stagnant investment and innovation, and corruption. This order will ultimately benefit consumers by ensuring Internet service providers can focus on serving customers rather than bureaucrats in Washington.”

FreedomWorks Foundation’s policy experts appreciated the opportunity afforded by Chairman Pai to review the draft proposal, released last week—a full three weeks ahead of the final vote on December 14. Despite misleading rhetoric from some on the left, this is an unprecedented level of transparency compared to Chairman Pai’s Democratic predecessor, Tom Wheeler. Former-Chairman Wheeler never released the rules regarding “net neutrality” and Title II regulation of Internet service providers until after the rules went into effect.

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