FreedomWorks Foundation Applauds Creation of Article I Project

Following the announcement of the creation of the Article I Project, co-chaired by Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Jeb Hensarling, FreedomWorks Foundation Executive Director Curt Levey commented:

“Article I of the Constitution makes absolutely clear that all legislative authority is granted solely to Congress. The executive and judicial branches of the federal government have no authority to create laws. Despite what the Obama administration would have the American people believe, there are no exceptions in the Constitution that allows the executive branch to do an end-run around Congress to enact its agenda on its own because of gridlock in government.”

“Of course, the problem isn’t limited to the Obama administration. Every president that has held the White House, Democrat or Republican, has sought to expand the power of the office and diminish the role of the legislative branch. Over time, constitutional lines have been blurred and, because Congress has failed to assert itself, the executive branch has usurped the law-making process.”

“Senator Lee, Rep. Hensarling, and their colleagues are taking on an important task. We must educate Americans of the threats to freedom posed by virtually unchecked, power-hungry executive branch and restore the legislative branch to its proper role in the federal government.”

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