FreedomWorks Foundation: Clean Power Plan, an Example of the Festering Problem of the Administrative State

FreedomWorks Foundation applauds President Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt on their announcement to repeal the Clean Power Plan (CPP). It is our organization’s intention to staunchly support this effort through our Regulatory Action Center, driving a grassroots campaign in support of this critical regulatory reform. FreedomWorks Foundation President Adam Brandon made the following statement:

“The Clean Power Plan is perhaps the most aggressive example ever of the festering problem of the ‘administrative state’ in Washington. Unelected bureaucrats unilaterally imposed a massive restructuring of the energy sector, effectively an astronomical energy tax hike, with little or no economic, legal, or even environmental justification. It’s no wonder why 27 states and 205 members of Congress argued the CPP is illegal.

“Killing the CPP will be a crowning achievement for the Trump administration in its efforts to drain the swamp of this expensive and expansive executive fiat. We look forward to helping our millions of activists across the country express their support directly to EPA through our Regulatory Action Center.”

The Regulatory Action Center at FreedomWorks Foundation is dedicated to educating Americans about the impact of government regulation on economic prosperity and individual liberty. FreedomWorks Foundation is committed to lowering the barrier between millions of FreedomWorks citizen activists and the rule-making process of government bureaus to which they are entitled to contribute.

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