FreedomWorks Foundation Expects More Bureaucratic Overreach in Obama’s State of the Union Address

FreedomWorks Foundation expects to hear President Barack Obama announce more federal rules and regulations when he delivers his final State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday evening. Ahead of the address, FreedomWorks Foundation Chief Economist Wayne Brough commented on President Obama’s shocking expansion of executive power and reiterated our plans to mobilize against harmful rules and regulations in 2016.

“It’s ironic that President Obama is giving this address to a joint session of Congress when he plans to continue to lawlessly circumvent the legislative branch to implement much of his agenda,” said Brough. “The hallmark of this administration has been its regulatory onslaught and exploitation of the vast federal bureaucracy, which costs Americans billions of dollars every year.”

“If President Obama has shown Americans anything,” Brough continued, “it’s his blind commitment to this so-called ‘progressive’ philosophy which has so dramatically expanded executive power and his contempt for the Constitution and Congress’ proper role in the lawmaking process.”

“FreedomWorks Foundation hopes to throw a wrench in President Obama’s regulatory machine. We plan to take action on rules and regulations that will hurt the economy or pose a risk to Americans’ privacy by driving comments to federal agencies promulgating them. Our freedom-loving community has already had an impact, and we look forward to expanding our reach to stop bad policies from being forced on Americans,” Brough added.

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