FreedomWorks Foundation Pledges to Mobilize Against Harmful Regulations

A story in Politico on Monday highlighted the Obama administration’s “mad dash” to ram through thousands of rules and regulations before the end of the president’s term. Since President Obama took office, rule-making agencies have added more than 545,000 pages of regulations to the Federal Register. In 2015 alone, unelected bureaucrats issued or proposed more than 80,000 pages of rules and regulations. These new and proposed rules come with a price tag of $191 billion, the costs of which will be borne by businesses and consumers.

FreedomWorks Foundation is monitoring the red tape that the Obama administration’s army of bureaucrats is promulgating and planning to take action on the most egregious rules and regulations by mobilizing our community of nearly 7 million freedom-minded activists.

“One of the biggest threats facing economic freedom in America is the army of unelected bureaucrats at the disposal of the executive branch. In the past year, these bureaucrats have proposed billions of dollars worth of regulations that would cripple the coal industry and increase energy costs for consumers, as well as new rules that regulate the Internet under outdated communications laws, new compensation reporting requirements on the financial sector, and final guidance that banned trans fats in processed foods,” said FreedomWorks Foundation CEO Adam Brandon. “And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.”

“In 2016, we will be looking for opportunities to mobilize our conservative activist community and drive comments to these lawless agencies against new rules and regulations that will negatively impact consumers and businesses,” Brandon added.

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