FreedomWorks Foundation on ‘Sue and Settle’ Crackdown: Finally!

Director of FreedomWorks Foundation’s Regulatory Action Center Ken Cuccinelli released the following statement on the news that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is ending the EPA’s ‘sue and settle’ tactic:

“It is fantastic news that this EPA under Administrator Scott Pruitt will abolish its end-around that skips Congress and legislates through litigation. Sue and settle is used to keep regulations more of a secret from the public. The wheeling and dealing can happen without public knowledge or a chance to comment on the new regulations.

“This will greatly improve the transparency and the American people, so we can better know what’s happening and provide feedback. It is especially useful when the regulations will harm our economy or the ability of small business owners to compete with big corporations or other entities.

"We applaud Administrator Pruitt for addressing this issue, and putting a stop to the devious lawlessness that has been going on in the EPA for years.”​​