FreedomWorks to John Kasich: Repealing ObamaCare Isn’t a Joke

Following Republican presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich’s comments regarding Republicans’ pledge to repeal ObamaCare, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“John Kasich may think that repealing ObamaCare is a big joke, but the conservative grassroots aren’t laughing. Since ObamaCare’s inception, conservatives have fought to repeal it and in 2016 an ObamaCare repeal bill made it to the president’s desk. That was an important milestone because it laid the groundwork for repeal under the right circumstances in 2017.”

“As someone who has vowed to secure the Republican nomination for president when it’s mathematically impossible to actually win, Kasich, who actually expanded ObamaCare in Ohio, knows a thing or two about stupid promises. But a pledge to repeal this disastrous law is anything but stupid. It’s an important goal that conservatives should never stop striving to reach.”

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