FreedomWorks Joins Coalition to Increase Cable Choice in Massachusetts

FreedomWorks is continuing yhe fight for greater consumer choice in cable providers by joining the Massachusetts Consumers for Technology and Cable Choice coalition.

The coalition is coming together to promote consumer choice in cable providers and to support legislation like the Massachusetts Cable Choice and Competition Act that was recently introduced by State Senator Steve Panagiotakos and State Representative Jim Vallee.

Under the proposed legislation, the franchise application process would be greatly streamlined by allowing the state to grant franchise licenses for specific areas, rather than having to apply town by town. The Commonwealth would have fifteen days to approve an application, and consumers would win by having a choice in providers. When companies compete to provide service, consumers eventually benefit through more choices and lower prices.

FreedomWorks is organizing its members in Massachusetts to contact their elected officials in support of the Massachusetts Cable Choice and Competition Act via email, phone, and direct face-to-face contact.

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe commented:
“When companies compete to provide services, consumers win. FreedomWorks fights on behalf of its members for lower taxes, less government, and more freedom. Outdated cable franchise laws amount to a barrier to competition and a loss of freedom of choice for consumers. We look forward to working with the individuals, groups, and other institutions that are members of the coalition. Massachusetts Consumers for Technology and Cable Choice will bring the benefits of cable competition to both the members of FreedomWorks and the citizens of Massachusetts.”

The Massachusetts campaign is a part of FreedomWorks’ larger “Choose Your Cable” campaign, an effort in support of broad nationwide telecommunications reform, which involves online, as well as on-the-ground, volunteer organization and mobilization, with targeted grassroots lobbying at both the federal and local level. In 2006, FreedomWorks’ efforts helped to enact cable franchise reform in Michigan, North Carolina, Indiana, and Kansas.

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