FreedomWorks on Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s Fair Chance Hiring Action

FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon made the following comment following Gov. Matt Bevin’s signing of the Fair Chance Hiring executive order:

"Gov. Bevin, working within his legal powers, took action today to increase the ability of people who’ve made mistakes in their lives and paid their debt to society to have a second chance to be productive citizens. And he challenged private organizations to do the same. This decision will not only lead to self-sufficiency that benefits those with a criminal record but will also benefit everyone within the community. If having a criminal record means no job interviews, there will be no gainful employment and will only continue the cycle of crime.

“For those with a criminal record, being able to provide for themselves and their families through honorable work has real value. It’s an important step toward reducing recidivism and lower crime rates. We applaud Gov. Bevin’s action."

FreedomWorks is a partner organization of the Coalition for Public Safety and the U.S. Justice Action Network.