FreedomWorks Launches Dynamic Campaign in Opposition to Pallone Vape Flavor Ban Proposal

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks today announces the launch of its campaign in opposition to Rep. Frank Pallone’s (D-N.J.) proposed ban, outlined in H.R. 2339, on flavored e-cigarette and vape products. The campaign will include grassroots-driven social media messaging, Capitol Hill office visits, as well as a five-figure digital ad campaign targeting key House representatives on the issue. Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks’ President, commented:

“H.R. 2339 is the latest example of Congress attempting to regulate things that it doesn’t understand. Such naive and reductionist legislation ignores the real issue at hand, and instead attempts to solve deep cultural problems with blanket bans that will hurt far more than they help.

"The proposals in H.R. 2339 will not magically ‘reverse the youth tobacco epidemic.’ But they will punish law-abiding adults who choose to vape by eliminating harm-reducing alternatives to smoking. Rep. Pallone and H.R. 2339’s supporters are effectively telling millions of Americans who wish to quit smoking that their health and their freedoms are secondary to self-interested political expediency.”