FreedomWorks to Obama: No Lame-Duck Supreme Court Nominee

Following President Obama’s announcement that he intends to nominate a candidate to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant after the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“We had hoped there would be at least one day of mourning after the loss of a legal giant and conservative hero. Unfortunately, President Obama and Senate Democrats are already politicizing this sad day by pledging to take quick action to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court.”

“If President Obama believes he can appoint a liberal to this seat on the Court without a fight from conservative grassroots activists, he is sorely mistaken. An appointment of this magnitude is too important to be left to a lame-duck president, which is why Senate Majority Leader McConnell and Judiciary Committee Chairman Grassley poured cold water on President Obama’s plans.”

“FreedomWorks is prepared to mobilize our grassroots community to light up the phones in the Senate to stop President Obama from making this appointment to the Court.”

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