FreedomWorks Opposes Senate Democrats’ Push for a Public Option

Following reports that Senate Democrats have spearheaded a new push on Thursday to add a public option to ObamaCare, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“A government-run health insurance program could only hurt the free market and is just another example of the government’s desire to grow and control even more aspects of people’s lives. Furthermore, a public option is hardly an option – millions of Americans would be compelled to join an insurance plan that they may not want.”

“An insurance program run by the government, and unaccountable to free market forces is a 1930s solution to a 21st Century problem. The crux of the issue is that when we speak about health, we’re talking about people’s lives. The artificially low premiums, government inefficiency, and stagnation that come attached with a public option will only unnecessarily hurt people and cost lives.”

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