FreedomWorks Reacts to Speaker Johnson’s Folding on FISA

Washington, D.C. – After witnessing Speaker Mike Johnson change his position on reforming FISA Section 702, Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks president, commented:

“House Judiciary Committee Member Mike Johnson has a bone to pick with Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. In a bizarre and surprising about-face, Speaker Mike Johnson is now siding with the Intelligence Community against American citizens’ basic Fourth Amendment rights. It’s during tough times people show their true colors. I am saddened to report we’re now seeing the true and spineless Mike Johnson amid this FISA fight.”

“The last time Section 702 came through the House, Johnson voted for the strongest possible reforms via the USA RIGHTS Act, and now he has forsaken his past support of the Fourth Amendment. Johnson also voted for the Fourth Amendment Is Not for Sale Act during a July 2023 markup. Now, he’s denying an opportunity to consider that bill as an amendment to legislation to reauthorize Section 702.”

“Nearly a month ago, Johnson rushed a bill to the floor based, in part, on the threat to Americans’ data privacy. As some Members pointed out during that debate, law enforcement in our own country can purchase information from third-party data brokers to snoop on Americans. Legislation to reauthorize Section 702 is the only way to debate law enforcement’s flagrant disregard for our constitutional protections. The data broker amendment should be considered to any bill reauthorizing Section 702. Full stop.”

“Meanwhile, the FBI is an actual threat to Americans and their privacy. No American is immune; from conservative and progressive activists to sitting Members of Congress, the FBI has abused its power. Backbencher Johnson recognized this, and now Speaker Johnson wants to make it clear that invasive data collection and illicit spying are only OK when the federal government does them.”

“The reform amendments are wildly popular with the American people and the US Constitution. More than three-quarters of Americans recently polled want to close the backdoor loophole for warrantless searches and close the data broker loophole to prevent the government from purchasing our sensitive information from third-party data brokers.”


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