FreedomWorks Responds to Jerry Moran: No Hearings, No Votes

Following comments made by Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) at a town hall event, in which he said that the Senate should consider President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon said:

“Statements like these are exactly why the grassroots conservatives are rebelling against the Republican establishment. They send a signal that Republicans will sell out their principles when it becomes politically convenient to do so. This is a perfect example as to why conservative activists have no faith in their elected officials.”

“The conservative grassroots expects Republicans to stand up and fight for the issues they care about. So far our community of grassroots activists has sent nearly a million messages to Senate Republicans urging them to stay strong and not hold hearings or votes on any Obama nominee to the Supreme Court. If Republicans continue to ignore their calls, they do so at their peril.”

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