FreedomWorks to Senate GOP Leaders: Put an Actual ObamaCare Repeal Bill on Obama’s Desk

The House of Representatives’ ObamaCare reconciliation bill doesn’t go far enough. The Senate now has the opportunity to improve upon it by sending legislation that fully repeals ObamaCare to the president’s desk. Unfortunately, some Senate Republicans are content to go along with the House’s timid piecemeal approach.

FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“This isn’t rocket science. Republicans told us on the campaign trail that they needed to win the Senate to fully repeal ObamaCare. Well, they’ve had control of the Senate for almost a year, and all they’ve done is pass bills that make their pals on K Street happy, while neglecting one of their biggest promises to the conservative grassroots who worked so hard to achieve victory in 2014.”

“ObamaCare is crumbling at the Democrats’ feet. Premiums are skyrocketing, insurers are begging for bailouts, and twelve insurance cooperatives, funded by this poorly conceived law, have failed. This law is hurting real people and dismantling our health care system. Republicans must stop negotiating with themselves and use reconciliation to repeal every bit of this disastrous law that they can.”

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