FreedomWorks Stands in Support of Wisconsin Families Amid Anti-Educational Choice Legislation

Washington D.C. – In response to concerns over recently introduced legislation in Wisconsin that could have a significant impact on educational choice statewide, FreedomWorks stands in solidarity with Wisconsin families and children. Laura Zorc, FreedomWorks Vice President and Executive Director of Building Education for Students Together, commented:

“Over 70 percent of Wisconsinites want education opportunities. These politicians need to stop placating to special interest groups and realize that their voters want choice. One of the bills aims to phase out school choice programs, potentially affecting over 48,000 students—particularly those from low-income and minority backgrounds. Numerous studies have shown the positive outcomes of school choice, including higher test scores and decreased involvement in criminal activities. An additional bill seeks to phase out the Special Needs Scholarship Program, which could hinder educational progress for vulnerable students.

“While transparency is important, including choice funding information on property tax bills may cause confusion, as these programs are not directly funded by taxpayers. Despite receiving less funding, choice schools have been able to achieve comparable or better academic outcomes. Policymakers must carefully consider the impact of their decisions and make expanding educational options a top priority.

“By doing so, they can create a future where every child in Wisconsin has equal access to a high-quality education. To achieve this, it is crucial for stakeholders to come together in a nonpartisan manner, working hand in hand to address concerns and create an educational system that sets our kids up for success. Let us unite in this important mission, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.”