FreedomWorks Stands with Rep. Jim Jordan and Sen. Jim DeMint in Opposition to the Boehner Compromise Plan

WASHINGTON, DC- FreedomWorks will be issuing a Key Vote “NO” letter to all U.S. House Members today preceding a vote on the revised version of the Boehner Plan (S. 627), which would raise the national debt ceiling by a total of $2.5 trillion in two steps and establish a super-committee of 12 Members of the House and Senate with unprecedented power to determine trillions of dollars in future spending cuts and tax increases.  Step one of the revised Boehner plan would grant a $900 billion debt hike.  Step two would grant another $1.6 trillion debt hike, contingent on congressional passage of the super-committee’s spending-and-tax-hike bill, and a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA).  The revised Boehner bill doesn’t state what the BBA must include. 

 “We will be engaging our activist network of over 1.4 million grassroots volunteers to provide state and local support for Rep. Jordan and Sen. DeMint, and to remind Speaker Boehner and the rest of the Republican establishment that the ‘Cut, Cap, Balance Act ‘ is both good politics and good policy. The ‘Cut, Cap, Balance’ bill raises the debt ceiling, avoids default and a credit downgrade, and offers long-term spending solutions. This is what our activists have been demanding. The first Boehner plan failed because it didn’t meet these criteria. The revised plan still fails to fundamentally change the way Washington spends. Anything less than that, FreedomWorks cannot and will not support.”

FreedomWorks spent the week urging on-the-fence House Republicans to vote NO on the Boehner Plan, organizing phone call and email blitzes to strategic House offices, along with DC office visits and district office visits.

“The Republicans are essentially negotiating with themselves at this point,” commented Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks. “There is no reason to squabble over an alternative plan to ‘Cut, Cap, Balance’ when the Democrats have not even put their version of a plan to paper yet. Compromise is something that involves both sides in a dispute. So far, only one side has put forward a plan that is transparent, debated, and passed by the House of Representatives. Your move, Senator Reid.”

For more information on FreedomWorks’ efforts to stop the Boehner Plan and support the “Cut, Cap, Balance Act,” please contact Jackie Bodnar at or (202)-603-2108.



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