FreedomWorks Statement in Anticipation of Biden Administration Executive Order Blitz

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the incoming Biden Administration’s memo indicating the president-elect’s intent to institute a package of more than a dozen executive orders (EOs) to address the “four crises” of COVID-19, the resulting economic downturn, climate change, and racial equity, Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

“Joe Biden’s announcement that he will take action on the ‘four crises’ with sweeping executive orders shows that Democrats are back to their old ways of governance by the pen. Specifically, Biden’s EOs will do little to solve the ‘crises,’ and in many cases, leave Americans worse off.

“Specifically, Biden’s promise to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement will increase electricity bills for the same lower income and disadvantaged Americans he claims to want to help. In the past few years since leaving the Paris Climate Agreement, the U.S. has continued to reduce emissions, while member-nations of the agreement such as China and India have seen increased pollution. At a time when many Americans are hurting financially, rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement is a poor decision that offers nothing substantive, amounting to a blatant pander to the radical environmental Left.”

Rev. C.L. Bryant, FreedomWorks Senior Fellow, commented:

“For years, when politically convenient, Joe Biden has claimed to be an ally to the black community. In truth, he has been a hypocrite for more than 50 years in office–his fingerprints on the 1994 Crime Bill and his attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas come to mind. Throughout his decades in office, Biden has never seriously delivered for black Americans. I see very little reason to believe he will do so this time around, especially when he claims he will solve the crisis of racial equity, among other things, through executive fiat. Biden’s sweeping executive orders are in fact counter-productive towards the interest of minority opportunity.”