FreedomWorks Statement in Support of Fiscal Commission Act

Washington, D.C. – With the distraction of the past three weeks now behind the House, FreedomWorks sent a letter to Members of the House in support of the Fiscal Commission Act, H.R. 5779, introduced by Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-MI):

“Congress cannot continue to pretend that this is not a serious and crippling problem. We are entering a make-or-break period,” the letter states. “We either address the drivers of deficits and debt now or we will have to bear the weight of the inevitable debt crisis that is just around the corner.

“The commission is tasked with proposing recommendations that will balance the federal budget and stabilize America’s debt-to-GDP ratio to under 100 percent within the next ten years. The commission must also recommend changes to mandatory programs to ensure their sustainability over the next 75 years.

“Addressing the fiscal crisis that faces America requires Republicans and Democrats to come to the table to negotiate viable paths forward, and those recommendations must be bipartisan to have any credibility. This cannot be just another exercise in political messaging. Congress has a responsibility to preserve economic opportunity and prosperity for our children and grandchildren while also protecting current beneficiaries who depend on these programs and ensuring their financial stability going forward.”

Adam Brandon, president of FreedomWorks, commented:

“With lawmakers’ failure to adequately address the U.S. debt crises, it’s clear that forceful action is needed to ensure that our enormous fiscal outlays are addressed. The Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund will be depleted in 2033 and interest payments on the debt may cost taxpayers more than the entire U.S. defense budget. We applaud Rep. Huizenga’s effort to create a commission to address this crisis, and we implore every member to cosponsor the Fiscal Commission Act. We applaud Speaker Johnson for acknowledging the serious fiscal issues that we face and his plan to make this a priority. We encourage him to bring the Fiscal Commission Act to the House floor for a vote. As Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ) consistently iterates, ‘People want to be talked to like adults. There are ways for this to be another American century, but that clock is ticking.’”