FreedomWorks Statement on FISA Reform in NDAA

Washington, D.C. – With Congress preparing to go to conference for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), efforts to reform the controversial Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) remains a bipartisan priority. Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks president, commented:

“Members of Congress have done incredible work this year building broad bipartisan consensus around protecting Americans’ privacy. This bipartisan consensus has brought together conservatives and progressives in a Congress that has struggled to find agreement on major policy issues that face our country, and it reflects the demands of millions of constituents to rein in government surveillance.

“The Intelligence Committee majority report that outlines its legislation tells us that members of the Committee haven’t taken the support for significant reform seriously. The changes made by the Intelligence Committee wouldn’t prevent the worst abuses of Section 702, in particular the vast majority of abuses involving warrantless backdoor searches looking for information about Americans. These wrongful warrantless backdoor searches even include searches for communications of members of Congress and some 19,000 congressional campaign donors. The Committee also plans to revive two surveillance authorities that lapsed more than three years ago.

“This is the time for robust debate over these issues, not maneuvers by congressional leadership to undermine Americans’ privacy. FISA reauthorization should not be in the NDAA—period. FreedomWorks will oppose NDAA should FISA be included. This is a critical moment, and Speaker Johnson should make clear he stands with the people’s right to privacy.”