FreedomWorks Statement on the Senate Vote Disregarding Americans’ Fourth Amendment Rights

“Even after the Senate Parliamentarian warned that FISA reauthorization was not germane to the NDAA bill, 65 senators willfully voted against Senator Paul’s point of order on Rule 28 to extend the FBI’s unconstitutional spying powers ostensibly for another year. Burying this extension deep in an unrelated bill would effectively, and possibly intentionally, stop any chances of real reform. Punting this critical issue well beyond the 2024 election cycle is beyond irresponsible and directly against the will of the American people, as we’ve seen in our latest YouGov polling released with Demand Progress.”

“Not only is this an awful betrayal of Americans’ right to privacy, the Senate’s vote potentially jeopardizes the NDAA in the House. The lengths some members of Congress will go to placate the intelligence community and allow the FBI to conduct warrantless searches of Americans is truly disappointing.”


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