FreedomWorks Statement on Senate Sentencing-Corrections Reform Compromise

Following the introduction of the long-awaited Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act unveiled in the Senate this morning, FreedomWorks Director of Justice Reform Jason Pye commented:

“It’s a historic moment in Congress. This modest bill represents a change in direction after decades of costly policies that have strained the corrections system. By focusing on rehabilitation and reducing recidivism, conservative states like Texas and Georgia have shown that sentencing and corrections reform can make communities safer and save taxpayers money. The successes of conservative states were the basis of this compromise.”

“This bill is a step in the right direction. It expands exceptions to costly mandatory minimum sentences for low-level nonviolent offenders and offers much needed juvenile justice reforms, such as placing limitations on solitary confinement and allowing nonviolent juveniles to have their records sealed or expunged."

"There is so much more that Congress can do to help offenders leaving the corrections system reenter society and become productive members of it. We look forward to continuing this conversation and working to advance proven policies that will reform our justice system.”