FreedomWorks Supports Government Non-intervention in Comcast Proposal to Acquire Twentieth Century Fox

Washington, DC – FreedomWorks calls for government restraint in wake of Comcast’s recent all-cash proposal to acquire Twentieth Century Fox. Echoing our comments regarding yesterday’s DC District Court decision to approve the AT&T/Time Warner merger, American consumers stand to benefit the most from free market decisions and competition between private firms.

FreedomWorks Director of Policy, Patrick Hedger commented:

"We’re encouraged to see this dynamism in the media market. Consolidation doesn’t mean less competition, it means more vigorous competition across increasingly integrated multimedia platforms. We encourage regulators to understand that the competition is not TV versus TV or website versus website.”

“The competition is for the eyes and ears of Americans, full stop. Fox, Comcast, and all other media companies should be primarily responsible to their shareholders, customers, and viewers, not the antiquated views of antitrust hawks."

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