FreedomWorks Supports President Trump’s Call for Clean Repeal, Then Replace

FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon fully supports President Donald Trump’s call for clean repeal of ObamaCare, with solutions to improve the healthcare system coming after repeal. He released this statement:

“We completely agree with President Trump. Virtually every Republican has campaigned on repealing ObamaCare for the better part of a decade. In fact, almost every House and Senate Republican voted to repeal most of ObamaCare in 2015. This is the one aspect of this on which conservative grassroots activists and Republicans agree. We can come back later and work on patient-centered, free market-based replacement provisions.

“We urge Republican leadership in both chambers to heed President Trump’s call and fulfill their promise to repeal ObamaCare when they come back from recess. Let’s get this done and begin the process of putting the American healthcare system on sustainable course.”

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