FreedomWorks Supports the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act

FreedomWorks Vice President of Legislative Affairs Jason Pye made the following comment after the reintroduction of the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act:

“We’re pleased to see the reintroduction of the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act by Chairman Grassley and Sen. Durbin. These reforms are based on the justice reinvestment initiatives that have been implemented in more than 30 states, including traditionally Republican strongholds like Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas. The states that have implemented these evidenced-based reforms have saved taxpayer dollars while reducing recidivism and enhancing public safety.

“While modest, the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act is a turning point for federal criminal justice policy, moving toward a smarter, more efficient criminal justice system that promotes accountability and incentivizes offenders to reduce their risk of recidivism. This bill expands the existing federal safety valve to offenders with little to no criminal history, and reallocates resources to those in our society who are truly threats to our communities.

“For too long, Congress has been leading from behind on these issues. States have laid the groundwork. It’s time for Congress to follow the lead of these laboratories of democracy. We look forward to working with Chairman Grassley and the Senate Judiciary Committee to advance this important legislation, and we strongly urge conservative senators to join us in this effort.”