FreedomWorks to Testify in Favor of Forfeiture Reform in Ohio

FreedomWorks National Grassroots Director Noah Wall will testify before the Ohio House Judiciary Committee in Room 116 of the Statehouse on Tuesday, October 13 at 3:30 PM (EST) in support of House Bill 347, which will reform civil asset forfeiture laws in Ohio.

In advance of his testimony on Tuesday, Wall commented:

"Our community members are concerned about the growing abuses of civil asset forfeiture and they believe Ohio state lawmakers should take action to ensure that innocent property owners are protected from this pernicious form of government overreach. House Bill 347 ensures that the due process guarantees under the Ohio and United States constitutions are followed."

"We strongly support House Bill 347 and we thank Representative Robert McColley’s leadership on forfeiture reform in Ohio. We look forward to mobilizing our community, which includes more than 220,000 members in Ohio, to contact their representatives to support this bill and fix forfeiture in the Buckeye State."

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