FreedomWorks to Host Grassroots Boot Camp

WHAT: FreedomWorks will be hosting some of the top grassroots activists from across the country for a comprehensive training boot camp from June 24-27th in the FreedomWorks Headquarters. These activists will be leading the charge on numerous state and national battles in the months leading into the 2012 elections.

Saturday will be a policy training day, with breakout sessions on the debt ceiling debate, entitlement reform, the budget, and social media training. Sunday will be tactical training, with sessions such as Campaigning 101, FreedomConnector, town hall strategy, and our 2012 campaign and PAC targets.

The training events throughout the weekend are closed to the press. However, on Monday morning, all of the boot camp attendees will be available in our office to interview with media from 10-11:30am.

WHEN: Media availability will begin the morning of June 27th at 10am. All media must RSVP to  in advance to clear security.

WHERE: FreedomWorks Headquarters, located at 400 North Capitol Street NW, Suite 765, Washington, DC 20001.

WHY: As a service center to over 1.4 million activists across the country, FreedomWorks seeks to maximize the efforts of the Tea Party movement, 9/12 groups, and other free-market activists nationwide committed to limited government principles.

“We think about the Tea party movement in phases,” commented Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks. “First it was a protest movement, and then it morphed into a get-out-the-vote-machine, and now we see a legislative cycle where tea party activists are getting engaged in specific agenda battles at both the federal and state level. We are here this weekend to unite these fiscally conservative community leaders, and give them the tools to create their own ground game that will win elections and transform conservative ideas into lasting political change.”

Monday morning’s press conference will be an excellent opportunity for members of the media to meet the local activists who will be leading limited-government initiatives in key battleground states. FreedomWorks will also announce exclusive details on new campaigns that will begin in the fall.


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