FreedomWorks Urges Action on Justice Reform After State of the Union Address

Following the conclusion of President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address, FreedomWorks Director of Communications Jason Pye commented:

““We’re glad that justice reform got an early mention from President Obama, and we hope that Congress will take action soon to pass common sense sentencing and corrections reforms. Legislation that has support from conservatives like Mike Lee and Rand Paul is already working its way through the Senate.”

“For years, conservative states like Georgia, Texas and South Carolina have paved the way on justice reform, utilizing data-driven policies to reduce recidivism, enhance public safety, and reduce the often bloated costs of corrections. We have the opportunity to bring many of these successes to the federal level and continue to make our communities safer and save taxpayers money.”

In November, FreedomWorks released a letter of support for the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act (S. 2123). FreedomWorks is a partner organization of the Coalition for Public Safety and the U.S. Justice Action Network.

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