FreedomWorks Welcomes Laura Zorc as Senior Advisor of Education Policy Reform and Parent-Led Advocacy

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks is proud to announce that Laura Zorc has been named our Senior Advisor of Education Policy Reform and Parent-Led Advocacy. In this role, Zorc will spearhead FreedomWorks’ parent-led education reform efforts.

Adam Brandon, FreedomWorks President, commented:

“In all our efforts over the past ten years to reform the education system and empower parents and students with the right to choose, Laura Zorc has been there as a steadfast ally and advocate. Back in 2013, she became an outspoken champion of school choice in Florida, just as the Obama administration was attempting to implement harmful Common Core standards across the country. Zorc founded Florida Parents Against Common Core (FPACC), which was instrumental in convincing leaders in the Florida statehouse to free the state’s schools from subpar nationwide standards. Her success in this realm helped her secure the position of chairwoman for the Indian River County School Board, a role in which she has served with distinction.

“To FreedomWorks, Zorc brings years of experience and expertise in the subject of education reform as well as an unparalleled devotion for putting power back in the hands of parents and families. We are extremely happy that Zorc will be taking on this new role at FreedomWorks and look forward to working with her in an expanded capacity.”