Gore’s Environmental Record: What Does the Motor City Think?

Al Gore’s environmental record is at odds with the automakers in Detroit and consumers across the United States. Below are three recent articles from the Detroit News, which remind us of where Al Gore stands on the environment and the automobile.

Carmakers and Gore differ on future of clean autos (Detroit News)

Execs say technology not as close to reality as candidate believes.

Al Gore’s Reckless Auto Agenda (Detroit News)

Al Gore is the first major party candidate to make environmental regulation a central organizing principle of his political agenda. His election threatens to expose Detroit to unparalleled government interference.

Al Gore’s Global Auto Plan (Detroit News)

Al Gore is the first presidential candidate to regard the automotive industry as a threat to civilization.

Al Gore’s Economics Hurts Detroit (Detroit News

“We are the enemy,” Al Gore claims, a society rendered wholly “dysfunctional” by our “addictive consumption” of Earth’s natural resources. Only the controlling hand of government, he maintains, can preserve our future.


CSE has produced two informational pamphlets on Vice President Al Gore’s past statements about the environment.

These pamphlets are in Adobe Acrobat format. You can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on the image below;

Al Gore – Fighting for us?

Al Gore – A threat to our prosperity