Gore’s Glacial Posturing Scored by Advocacy Group

Vice President Al Gore’s suggestion that melting glaciers may be the result of global warming cannot be taken seriously, according to a market-oriented advocacy group. “Any grade-school science textbook will tell you the process of glaciation and deglaciation is completely natural and has occurred many times in Earth’s history and will likely occur again,” said Paul Beckner, president of Citizens for a Sound Economy.

Beckner charged that the vice president used the backdrop of Montana’s Glacier National Park on Sept. 2 in lieu of scientific proof of the global warming theory. “Lack of scientific proof notwithstanding, the administration is pressing ahead to bind America to a U.N. treaty severely reducing man-made carbon dioxide emissions. As it now stands, the global warming treaty would require the imposition of new energy taxes on the use of fossil fuels and cost the U.S. economy more than a $350 billion annually.

“The vice president knows that Americans would never swallow a 50-cent per gallon gas tax without a compelling reason. It’s reprehensible that he would feel the need to frighten people with imaginative catastrophic scenarios in order to justify such action,” Beckner said.

Concluded Beckner, “What we do know for certain is that ice ages do occur, they are cyclical, and no amount of taxpayer dollars or hot rhetorical gases will stop them.”

Citizens for a Sound Economy is a 250,000-member, free market-oriented, grassroots advocacy group based in Washington, D.C.