Gov. Locke Increases Taxes

Gov. Gary Locke signed a bill last week increasing the gas-tax in the state of Washington by a nickel per gallon as of July 1. The tax hike is part of a $4.2 billion transportation fix that includes a 15 percent boost in trucking fees and a 0.03 cent sales tax surcharge on new and used vehicles.

Locke, who presented a “no-new-taxes” budget to the legislature in December, reversed his previous pledge to improve the state’s ailing economy by preventing new tax increases.

In a similar gas-tax increase last fall, voters overwhelmingly rejected a $7.7 billion referendum to increase the tax by 9 cents per gallon. Make sure to contact your legislators today to let them know you oppose any tax increase, including this new transportation tax, and that you will vote against it should a referendum be held.

CSE will update you with further information and opportunities to take action on this issue in the near future.