Hillary Clinton Wants to Build a Tax and Regulatory Berlin Wall Around America

Following former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s remarks about penalizing businesses that seek friendlier tax climates by moving their operations overseas, FreedomWorks Senior Economic Contributor Stephen Moore commented:

“While the media is focused on the latest Donald Trump outrage, they’re giving Hillary Clinton a free pass on her bad economic policies. Once again, Clinton fails to see the root of the problem. Businesses are looking overseas because of the hostile tax and regulatory policies in the United States. She wants to build a regulatory and tax Berlin Wall around America so that businesses could never leave.”

“The way to keep businesses here and improve our international competitiveness is to create an atmosphere that encourages investment. Reducing the corporate income tax, currently one of the highest in the world, and reducing regulations would bring jobs and businesses to these shores. Hillary, don’t build new walls around the United States that will only make America less competitive.”

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